Secondhand Trailers

We can help you sell your old trailer whatever type it is

At Beavertail Trailers we try to do things a little better and a little differently. If you buy a new trailer from us and have a used trailer to trade, we are happy to assist you in selling it by establishing an advertisement on your behalf. As you probably know plant and heavy trailers hold their value extremely well, so if you have a trailer in good condition, we can offer you the opportunity of a quick and excellent return to you.


Currently, we do not have any secondhand trailers available. Call our sales team to discuss stock arriving, as we do have trade-in trailers coming soon pending delivery of new trailers and these are quite often pre-sold due to high demand.


If you’re seriously considering a secondhand trailer purchase talk to Beavertail Trailers first. Our competitive pricing means we can offer you the trailer you want for not much more than a secondhand model, with a full warranty and customised exactly as you want it.