Tri Axle Flat Top Trailer 30″ (NEW)

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Tri Axle Flat Top Trailer 50″ (NEW)

ATM: 55 tonne
Carry Capacity: tonne
Deck Length: 15.24 m
Deck Width: 2.5 m

Tag Trailer Tri Axle Seamless

ATM: 29.5 tonne
Carry Capacity: 23.0 tonne
Deck Length: 8.0 m
Deck Width: 2.5 m

Super Mini Trailer Single Axle

ATM: 9.0 tonne
Carry Capacity: 6.0 tonne
Deck Length: 4.5 m
Deck Width: 2.5 m

Drop Deck Trailer Tandem Axle 39′

ATM: 32.0 tonne
Carry Capacity: 25.5 tonne
Deck Length: 11.8 m
Deck Width: 2.5 m